"And though she be but little,she is fierce."

With nearly two decades of experience, I’ve seen today’s marketing industry evolve from analog to digital, and I’ve witnessed how this transformation has shaped the way agencies work with, and sometimes against, their clients.

As a marketing professional, my clients trust me to provide creative direction and strategic advice on ways to help them improve and leverage their brand, marketing, and communication programs.

As an agency owner, it is my fundamental belief that technology, regardless of its effectiveness, should never take priority over the human connection between creative professionals and their clients. I prefer a hands-on approach that combines tactical solutions with realistic and measurable methodologies that put the client’s best interest first, so we are better able to connect companies with consumers in ways that matter.

Also, as an agency leader, I expect our team to be our client’s best ally when it comes to protecting their brands, whatever the challenge. What this means for our clients is that being creative, professional, ethical, and responsible isn’t situational – it’s non-negotiable.