Koda gets Social 

It all starts with a goal. Why is this? For us to know how to make your brand succeed on social we need to understand what your brand is trying to achieve from social media. Sometimes, based on what your brand is trying to achieve we may suggest one of our social services, and other times all of our social services might make sense.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is social without utilizing any paid promotions. Reaching your current followers on social is a great way to promote an offer, an event, sell products, get donations, or keep in touch with your existing brand fans. It also gives brands the ability to organically reach new people by using hashtags on social platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Our process is simple.


We get to know your brand. We identify the audiences you are trying to reach and create social personas. We then determine the social channels that your personas are using whether that be Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, or Google.


We create a calendar with posts that include content and graphics for each platform. Our calendars often include a mix of images and videos with posts and stories. The schedule created identifies the best days of the week and times for your posts. We then review the calendar with you and your team and get your sign off.


Everything that we publish for you on social received approval on previously. When we publish, we optimize your post by tagging locations and users.

Hashtags Optimization

As we manage your organic social media and publish content on your behalf, we curate a hashtag list for you. Your brands will organically reach a new audience without spending ad dollars. On an ongoing basis, the hashtag list that we use is updated based on our research, day of the week, and organic reach.

Listening & Engagement

Connecting with your audience so that your brand starts to feel a personal connection. We do this by liking and commenting on your brand fans posts too. We also respond to your direct messages on your behalf.


We are always reviewing and monitoring your social analytics. We make sure your followers, impressions, and engagements are trending upwards.

Social Media Advertising

Paid social media is when we create an advertisement for your brand and promote on popular social media platforms.


We identify what social platform we should run the ads on for your brand. We then create a recommended targeting list as the criteria for the ad to be displayed on the user’s social platforms.


Our creative team creates an advertisement for your brand. Meaning we conduct market research, develop the copy for the ad, as well as design or produce the graphics and or video for the ad. Often, we will suggest creating multiple versions of the creative to A/B test its effectiveness.

Monitoring & Reporting

Once the ad is launched we monitor the budget and engagements and optimize for maximum effectiveness. We keep in touch with you during the campaign through dashboard reports and status calls to keep you posted on how your ads are performing.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing leverages leaders within an industry that has a large following on social media. We have access to both micro-influencers as well as macro-influencers. Utilizing our agency software as well as our industry relationships we match your brand with influencers that will give you the highest return.


We learn about who you are trying to reach and why. We create a list of criteria for brand influencers.
Essentially, this is the matching process. We find influencers that have the same tone, interests, and following that your brand is searching for. During this process, we also are looking at each influencers engagement rate and authenticity of followers.


Once we mutually agree on influencers, we contract with influencers on your behalf. The influencers will then post with your product or highlight your service on their profiles.

Monitoring & Reporting

Understanding the influencer marketing is a long game. Our team continually monitors the analytics of your profiles to identify spikes in sales and conversions.

Time to up your social game?

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