We aren’t just a pack; we are family.

At Koda we believe our clients should expect creative accountability, so our professionals are highly skilled practitioners as well as theorists. Each of us can work independently, but the magic happens when we turn the pack loose and let them run together.


The word Koda can be defined as “friend” or “ally”. As our name suggests we are a friendly group of creative professionals, but for our clients and the folks who work here we are so much more. Some describe us as a tribe, a community, even a clique, but we like to think of ourselves as a pack, where each member understands exactly how they fit in our ecosystem. That’s why we chose a wolf’s head for our brandmark. Because like the Rudyard Kipling quote, we believe that while the creative strength of our pack comes from individual contribution, our loyalty and trust in one another makes us better and stronger when it comes to taking care of business. We hope by now you’re starting to understand that this is not your typical marketing agency. As an independent, women-owned agency, we’re committed to keeping our pack tight, and our creative even tighter. And because we think of our clients as extended family, we are selective about the work we take on.

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